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1. How long does shipping take for Product Sale(s) and Sampler Kit(s)?

All orders for Product(s) and/or Sampler kit(s) can take up to 7-20 business days to ship. Not including postal service shipping times.


2. Link's to all "BUILD YOUR OWN COSMETIC BRAND" Pricing Sheet.


3.  How long does an wholesale order process?

All Packages can take up to 45 business days starting after Logo design have been submit/proof, Color names have been submitted & balance paid in full. All orders after 3pm will be process the next following business day. Postal service shipping days do not count as process days. 


4. Do Frost have a Color Chart?

Yes, Frost has over 250 colors in four shades. You can see all colors by clicking on the Chart Chart pdf file locate in "FAQ's" or by clicking "Color Chart" in the navigator bar.


5. I have my colors but seen another colors on soical media with the same name, but my color is either lighter or darker. How is this possible?

Frost create 4 shades of the same color. For example, you ordered "Chocolate Brown". Well there is 4 different ways "Chocolate" can be made from lightest to darkest. All colors are true to colors. Please note that images can be view differently with internet lighting.  


6. Does Frost Host Lip Serivce parties?

Yes, we do. Contact us with your party attendee(s), venue and party date. Submit a Contact us Request.   


7. What if I want to do a wedding novelty gift wholesale package, can I do that?

Yes, Frost can build you a custom package for novelty events and venues. It can be any lipsticks, lipgloss, eyeshadow, pigment, lashes, skin care products and lip balm. Submit a Contact us Request.    


8. Do Frost Cosmetics Do Private Labeling? 

Yes. 70% Of Frost Cosmetics business is catering to Private Labeling.   


9. How do I recieve information about wholesale Pricing for Frost Lipgloss & Lipstick in 1? 

You can download our pdf file locate in "FAQ's" or by clicking "Lipgloss & Lipstick in 1". 


10. How do I recieve information about wholesale Pricing for Frost Lipstick? 

You can download our pdf file locate in "FAQ's" or by clicking "Lipstick"  


11. How do I recieve information about wholesale Pricing for Nail Polish?


You can download our pdf file locate in "FAQ's" or by clicking "Nail Polish".  


12. Does the Owner and/or Representative(s) of Frost Cosmetics do interviews, show appearances, talk shows, and other media appearances? 

Yes, we do. Submit a Contact Us Request.


13. Can my package be shipped to me?


Any and all orders are shipped to the postal address provided on your invoice.


14. Can I change my address? 


Yes, Only if the order has NOT been shipped out. All orders are shipped to the address provided on your order invoice. A address change request must be presented in the form of a email sent to where a confirmation email will be updated and sent to the customer from the order invoice email. This change can be viewed by the customer at anytime of process.


15. Frost Cosmetics is NOT responsible for any package stolen or damage while in route to and from our production locations by any and all postal services. 


Customer my have shipping insurance provided by request only. 


For all other questions, concerns and interest please "Submit a Contact Us Request".